Sunday, July 6, 2008

the things kids say

I love my son. He's six years old, almost seven. He, like most kids, tell it like it is. They don't realize that the truth is sometimes hurtful, not appropriate at the present time, or just better left to yourself. This morning I was sitting on the couch with my two wonderful children, one on each side of me, reading some books. Paul climbs over me and his sister to sit next to her. As he's climbing over he says to me, "You have big fat legs." Deep down I knew he didn't say it to be mean. He was just stating the truth, but the truth hurt. So now it's time to really think about loosing some weight. Well, not think about it but actually do something about it. We'll see how well that works!! :(

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Irritable Mother said...

It isn't just kids!
Shortly after my husband and I became engaged I had very sore muscles from running on sand dunes. He was giving me a massage - on my thighs - and said (thinking he was being funny) "Storing up for winter?"
He has not, nor will he ever, lived that one down! LOL
Some things are better left unsaid, agreed? *grin*

Thanks so much for your words of encouragment on my blog. It is my heart's desire to be used by God to encourage and uplift other moms.