Friday, March 30, 2007

ok now this posting is for real

so I finally got this blog thing figured out with the help of a fellow blogger, so here I am. Speaking of me, which I must say I don't like to do that often, let me say two things about me. #1...I love to knit and #2...I love to write. I don't think I'm extremely great at either of the two but they say practice makes perfect right? Wait... I'm not saying that I'm perfect or will ever be perfect at anything in life. OK so how 'bout this...practice makes you really good some day. Yeah, that sounds better. Oh, one other thing about me #3...I think I am a sporadic thinker,speaker, and typer. I usually say and type what comes to mind without really thinking about it first. The only good thing about typing is that I can backspace things before they get to you. So if something gets past the backspace key that doesn't make sense to you, just blame it on the sporadicness. Well I think this will have to be it for now. I've got lots to do in a little bit of time...seems like the story of my life. Hey, maybe I'll blog about it sometime. I hope you liked this post a little bit and hang on for a couple weeks, give me a chance. With the help of some blog pals and some more time, I hope to get this blog lookin' better and more fun. Until then...BYE!

dose this work?

Just wondering if this blog thing really works...