Wednesday, April 11, 2007

here are some pictures

I finally got the help from someone special to show me how to put pictures on here, lets see how it works. Actually...I must say that this is my 3rd time trying to put them on here. I guess I've forgotten exactly how to do it. But hey, 3rd time's a charm, right!?!?

These are the Easter cookies that I made. Some of them got a little dark, but who cares...they're gonna be frosted.

And here they are after I frosted them. How pretty :) I really enjoy making cookies, especially cut outs. Well... except until I get to the last 2 dozen or so. Then i tend to get bored and want to quit. Oh well, it's still fun.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Stinky Eggs

So I'm still pretty new at this whole blogging thing. I'm pretty much computer and Internet illiterate so my blog is still pretty blah. I found out how to download pics to my computer but I don't know how to get them here or anywhere. I need the help of someone special... a Higgly Town Hero!! (a show on Play House Disney)... See, I don't even know how to have a link to Play House Disney. My kids really like going to that site and from what I've seen (and I'm always watching them when they're on the computer) It's a good one. Oh yeah... so I need a fellow blogger to help me with the whole picture thing so I can make this site a bit more entertaining. So for now, this is what ya get :)
Back to the stinky eggs... I colored eggs at work on Thursday and brought the extras home. My 5 year old son opened the fridge to get out the milk and stared to gag. He told me to "get those stinky eggs outta here!" I didn't listen to him. I just went to the fridge to get a Diet Coke (my all time most favorite drink in the world) and smelt the stinky eggs.
On Wednesday at work we made bunnies out of plastic Easter eggs, cotton balls, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and markers. They turned out pretty cute. I'll try and get a picture of them on here one of these days. I also made cut out cookies Easter style the other day. One batch I made by myself. The other batch I made with a friend.
I really enjoy doing fun crafty things with my kids or other people's kids or with friends. I can't say that all my ideas are original, they usually come from books or on line or other people. But hey... we all can't be the one who comes up with the idea. We just gotta do them.
So this is all for now. I must go and try and fold laundry and maybe some other form of house work if I feel up to it. By the way... I've noticed that when my blog thing posts the time is not right and Mrs. I Don't Know Much About This Computer Stuff doesn't know how to change it so... the time is 9:30 pm. Good Night